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Smart Home

Smart living is all about using technology to improve the way we live. Taiwan is globally renowned for providing excellent smart living innovations at affordable prices. If you’re looking for smart living products, check out these great offers by Taiwanese innovators!

Vehicle Technology

Vehicle technology is an important driver of smart cities. Whether it's fleet management solutions or advanced vehicle electronics, Taiwan's vehicle technology innovations can keep the people and goods in your city moving with greater ease and efficiency.


Security is no longer a single product. Today, it's all about data. With the concept of security as a set of smart processes, Taiwan as an ICT powerhouse is offering advanced total smart security solutions involving surveillance, access control, scanning and detection as well as many other technologies to keep your city safe.

Green Energy

Green energy enables a city to move toward a sustainable, efficient and economically viable future. For solar, wind, hydrogen and many other forms of renewable energy, Taiwanese firms can offer you innovative solutions in power generation, conservation and storage as well as system integration and end-user applications.

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